About us

The Origin of Cannabis Millionaire

We’ve talked all about the cannabis industry and what it means for you as an investor, but we haven’t talked about cannabis millionaire itself all that much. We’re flattered that you want to know more, so we’re going to start off at the beginning.

Our founder is a lifelong trader. They have been successfully investing and trading all of the traditional market formats for decades. Over the years, our founder developed a humanitarian and philanthropist way of thinking. Being surrounded by other successful traders, they saw the wasted opportunity to help out society as a whole rather than just lining their own pockets.

Our founder was already well aware of the medicinal and manufacturing benefits that cannabis could bring to the world but was frustrated at the lack of integration into general society, both on a working level and a trading level. This is what inspired them to set up Cannabis Millionaire.

Setting Up Cannabis Millionaire

Our founder, for all their trading knowledge and skill, didn’t know nearly enough about programming to set up Cannabis Millionaire themselves, so they put together a team of expert coders and programmers to help them out. Together, they were able to devise a system that was accessible to both veteran and beginner traders alike.

The combination of economic knowledge and technical knowledge led to a platform that was optimized in ways that other trading platforms were not. Once a prototype version of Cannabis Millionaire was complete, a test run was released to a select group of beta testers to see how well the technology was performing.

It didn’t take long for the results to start pouring in, and the result was unanimous across the board. Cannabis Millionaire was something special and had a real chance to push cannabis investing forward. After a few last-minute tweaks and fixes by the team, Cannabis Millionaire was ready to launch, which brings us to today.

Cannabis Millionaire Today

We have already built up a massive community of cannabis traders, both experienced and new, and that community grows every day. We’re ecstatic to see that our initial release has brought so many people an opportunity that otherwise wouldn’t have been afforded to them, which is why we’re going to continue working to push the industry forward.

While our community is already large and strong, we’re always looking for new members. Specifically, we’re looking for you. We want to help you start out your investment journey, both for cannabis and in general, so signup with us today and let us be your first steppingstone.